Boy with autism left stranded on bus for hours by idiot driver

I may have editorialized a bit in my title.

The Quebec mother of a seven-year-old boy with autism is "upset" that her son was stuck on a lost school bus for nearly two hours. Upset being shorthand for wanting to break someone's kneecaps.

 On the first day of classes at his school in Westmount, the child's bus driver took the wrong route and got lost. Meanwhile, the mother waited at home, for two hours, probably in a state of near panic.

She called the bus company, Transco, to find out what was going on, but they insisted Darcy wasn't on the bus. Finally, the agreed to go look, and found her son.

 What's most disappointing about the situation, is that the bus company wasn't very apologetic: "We told driver he will not be allowed to drive for that school board anymore," said a company spokesperson. "But there's not very much more that we can do about that."

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