Walking casts to cure tippy toes

Since she could walk, Natalie has walked on her toes. At first we took it in good stride, and saw it as evidence that she would be a great ballerina some day. But the jokes wore thinner as the years went by. Somewhere along the way, she passed an inflection point. The constant tippy toes shrunk her achilles tendon, and tightened it up to the point where she couldn't walk normally without discomfort.

The answer seems to be walking casts, to slowly coax her tendons back to normal. For the next six weeks, she will be walking around like Frankenstein on these things. But, as luck has it, Natalie is resilient. Her saving grace is that she isn't a fit-thrower. Interruption to her routine doesn't send her into a spiral. She bounces back. The accepts whatever gets thrown at her.


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