Hamster: the perfect fit for a kid with ASD

Natalie’s daycare got a pet hamster this week. She came home yesterday desperately seeking her own hamster. Since last night she has asked us if she can have a hamster no less than 40 times.

We thought she’d forget overnight; nope. Not even close. The first thing she said to me this morning was: “Can you go get in the car and drive to get a hamster and a cage and a carrot?… The hamster’s going to eat the carrot.”

Oh, what are we going to do? We’re getting a hamster, aren’t we?

I decided to test her, to check her resolve.

Me: “Natalie, would you rather have a dog or a hamster?”
Natalie: “A hamster.”
Me: “Would you rather have a hamster or a cat?” (I need to be sure she wasn’t just picking the second option.)
Natalie: “A hamster.”

I really admire this tenacity. My sister and I got our dog growing up after we literally harped at our parents all the way to Alberta and back. Every five minutes we asked for a dog until my mom said we could have one if we would just shut up. I think this is what is happening here this morning.

Me: “Natalie, do you want a hamster or a million dollars?”
Natalie: “A hamster… and a million dollars.”

 I’m so proud. We’re on our way to the pet store.

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