Natalie the photargruffer

When we took our children on a 2500 mile road trip through the Rockies to Edmonton, we had no clue how Natalie would take it. She would sleep in a different bed each night, and during the day endure hours of driving through the mountains.

As a Hail Mary, we gave her a camera. Before that, she had never taken a picture in her life. She had never even held a camera in her hands. But we gave it to her, showed her how to point, how to click, and how to keep her fingers off the lens.

That was all we did. And she was officially a 'photargruffer', as she called it.

We set her loose. After a few aborted attempts, she started to figure things out, and spent much of the rest of the vacation, snapping pictures at everything.


  1. Wow, man, this whole series is intense. Thanks so much for sharing. Tell her she is really inspiring!

  2. Wow, what stunning photos. Awesome work Natalie! Thanks for sharing them.