Her first ever poems

It started out as an exercise in handwriting. Her penmanship was three paces to the left of apocalyptic. So I thought I could get her to practice by writing poems.

"Write me a poem," I said, and that seemed to be all she needed.
She approached each line like she was writing a symphony. She'd write something down, then repeat the sentence over and over again, like she was trolling the depths of her mind for the next line. Like this was some serious shit going down.
But she kept pulling it together. Everything below is straight from her gut. She's never been told what a poem was or how to write one, or even what a poem is supposed to be. But she innately gets it, having read enough Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh. All the indents are hers. I just cleaned up the spelling.
My feelings towards ducks I hate ducks But I like ducks Sometimes
For her father Dad your hair looks Nice today I can see a little gray
She apologizes for holding the dog upside down I am sorry that I picked you up, Pippa Pippa I am sorry that I picked you up. Pippa I am sorry that I Picked You Up Pippa I am Sorry that I picked you up
What rhymes with hat? A cat put on a hat A man got fat A ball got hit by a bat A person sat on a bench
A dog had bennett A dog had Bennett Bennett had a dog A dog had one big family The one big family had a dog Family family Family
Dessert I want dessert Dessert is ice cream With it is nothing Nothing is nothing It’s from something not nothing
Her dog Pippa Pippa’s sweet She likes to eat Pippa likes to rippa Pippa nips a bit Pippa always Stinks
Disneyland We are going to Disneyland Oh yeah We are going to Disneyland On an airplane
The train Riding the train Was fun it made Me a little bit Dizzy And the bus did too
Rain I hate rain and I hate getting wet too I hate every thing
I needed I needed an umbrella I needed a coat I needed boots Water boots I needed a hood, too
Her B.I. will not be coming today Yolanda is coming today I Always know that Yolanda was coming But I did not know That Yoland was Not coming I cried

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