At last! A site to tell you which author has stolen your style

My wife found an interesting site today. Enter in the first page of your story, and this site will tell you who you write like.

When I first saw this site, I thought how could I pass this up? I dug up reams of past and present writings, cut and pasted a carefully selected page, and submitted the form.

"Kurt Vonnegut," I called out like this was a horse race. "Come on, Kurt Vonnegut!"

I wrote like Ian Fleming, it told me. That wasn't good enough. I found something else and submitted the first few paragraphs.

I now wrote like Stephanie Meyer.

Enough of this, I thought and cracked my fingers. I took the first page of a short story I wrote. I polished it up a bit, then submitted it for analysis, and the computer told me I wrote like Stephen King. I can live with that, I thought, but then realized that it might have been due to some of the content.

I submitted the same piece again, this time without the words "terror-stricken," and I was now Margaret Mitchell.

My wife gave it a try and smiled. "I write like Stephanie Meyer," she said.

"Hey," I exclaimed. "I write like Stephanie Meyer."

"I prefer to think that Stephanie Meyer writes like me."

"I am suspicious of this site," I said. Then, inspiration struck me, and I entered in a poem written by my 9 year old autistic daughter. I whirred and chugged and spit my back my answer.

"Who's Rudyard Kipling?" my wife asked.

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  1. You write like Stephanie Meyer and Natalie writes like Rudyard Kipling? Wow! Huge difference.