A few more poems by Nat

Nat is is a 9 year old with PDD-NOS, and writes poems as part of her therapy. Most of the poems above have been edited down to omit much of the stimming.

once upon a time  a boy

his dude is a-talking
and also a blue boy 
who never says anything 
he loved too early

his skin

he  looked for his skin  
and then his skin looked for him 
and they were in love 

he was not strong

he was not strong at all
he wanted to be
what he did was believe in him self 
nothing happened
he took two 
nothing happened
he bit into one 
nothing happened
what a surprise
nothing was happening

he was good at things

he was good at fist bumps, tear away shirts, saving town, music , skating, Boarding, yoga, and zuluba
yet he had nothing
he had fear of skin ripping
fear of  being alone
fear of growing old 
help me he sobbed
fear of sobs

when he grew old

when he grew old he still loved being a hero, music, skating, boarding, yoga, and zuluba.
he was still good at a fist bumps and tear away shirts 
you see him doing his yoga
and  he is a kid again
but he was old
too bad
he's old
yes he is guys

help dad

help dad   
where are you?
dad don't go away 
come back dad 
dad come back

was a human

once upon a time was a human
he was having fun
bring him forward 
you're free to go
you're never going to your dad 

those lions

fear of lions
he and the vampires were trapped
he asked what happened?
the lions cheated,the vampires said

he wanted to feel good

he wanted to feel good 
feel strong 
he went outside 
he went to a ship
he sailed away
he went to an island  
he  still wanted to feel good 
feel strong
he had an idea 
he painted a picture
he showed his  picture
he got strong
after he ate them all at once

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  1. Those are awesome poems Nat! I especially liked that last one.