A journal of recent dreams

May 5 – Tony the Tiger meets the rabbit from Trix. I didn’t know the rabbit was a girl. Things get weird. Then Tony eats it.

June 3 – I am in the factory where they make mirrors in which things may be closer than they appear. Turns out that there is no problem with the manufacturing process. They just hate people.

Aug 1 - Dreamed I was at a nudist colony and I was wearing my pants. Creepy.

Aug 17 – I am at a bar with an elephant. No matter how much he drinks, he couldn’t forget.

Nov 12 - I take part in a scientific experiment to prove you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. When we’re done, we pour the vinegar over the flies and make a salad.

Feb 6 - I am a million years in the future. All the early worms have been eaten by the early birds.
Shave ms have evolved to sleep in and all the early birds starved. Now we can all get some sleep on Saturday mornings.

March 1 – I am sitting at a grief counselling session. For those dealing with the heartbreak of psoriasis. It’s like a snowstorm in here.

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  1. Those are some pretty weird dreams you've got there.