The unarguable logic of a six year old

DAD: What's wrong?
SON:All my friends are better than me at Minecraft. They got houses and roller coasters and I got these blocks.
DAD:Well that's how it is. You've just started to learn it. Besides, you only get to play it a little bit. They probably get to play it all the time.
SON:Yeah. Well, I guess there's only one thing I can do.
DAD:You can learn to-
SON:I'm going to have to start playing all the time.
DAD:-live with it. Wait, what? No.
SON:Why not?
DAD:Look, it sounds logical. but it actually isn't.
SON:But dad!
DAD:But nothin! No way.
SON:Fine! (grumbles something that sounds a whole hell of a lot like 'douchebag.')
DAD:This is the point where I'm going to dispense great fatherly advice in the form of a parable that is entertaining yet so subtle that its real message leaks into your brain only days or weeks later.
SON:I'm six years old, dad. Stop anthropomorphizing me.

My memory isn't what it used to be. But I think that's pretty much how the discussion went.

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  1. That is unarguable logic. I'm surprised Ben actually knows that word.