The weirdest notes on my phone

In the Twentieth Century, I did not have this problem: carrying around a phone filled with notes I don't remember making, with meanings I don't understand. 

my life is like an assembly line i make playlists from a factory

I don't know what that means. But it was important enough for me to write it down or, in most cases, speak it and let Google write it down for me. Undoubtedly, this is Google's VoiceToText technology dropping the ball. Or else I mumble atrociously.

pacific island invented Destiny

The notes app on my phone is now becoming bloated with messages like these because I am too afraid to delete them. There are two reasons for this. Three, if you count laziness.

 first he is in the specific and then who is Jesus

The first reason is that they tantalize me with what seems to be an inscrutable insight, just beyond my reach. When I see them, I fear that it may be a culture shifting thought. If I swipe right, the revolution gets delayed again. I have a duty to mankind to keep my genius at hand. Just. In. Case.

underwater speed trains eat each other

The second reason I won't delete these messages is that I may have discovered something revolutionary and fully patentable, like an eternal combustion engine that works. You know how we are always forgetting revolutionary ideas like this. I figure that, if I stare at it long enough, the truth and beauty that caused me to make this note will come shining through again.

Still staring.

BC Ferries keep the riff raff out

I don't remember every thinking about the BC Ferries long enough to draw a social conclusion about them. Apparently, I did.

the voice of sensual sexual login your name

OMG, how could I possibly delete this from my phone? I get kind of sweaty just looking at the words.

ham coma

I know, right?

smells like ontario

No idea what that means, but I swear if I smelled it again, I would know it was Ontario.

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