When memes turn on their masters

One of my meme posts went viral, and the Internet roasted me alive in the comments.

Most people took umbrage with the coin flip, which was just literary effect (we don't flip coins, I just do what my wife tells me to do). But there was a great deal of shirt rending and hair pulling, lamenting that we were terrible people because of it, and should have both attended the game, perhaps burning incense in honour of our son's spirit.

It is the conclusion of the Internet that anything short of both parents attending a soccer game is proof of bad parenting.
When we signed our son up for soccer, he was far behind. Every other kid had been playing organized soccer for three years. As a consequence, he had a lot of ground to cover to get caught up. But he bore down worked hard at it, and it was awesome to see the payoff.edit: It's interesting and disappointing, to see the catcalling, and how many people threw out accusations of bad parenting. Perhaps this is a lesson in thinking before you cast stones. While it would be nice for both of us to attend our son's game, one of us has to stay at home with a special needs child.

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