Tim Hortons as a metaphor for ASD

A father once asked a sage how he to teach his child to pay attention in class.

"Why doesn't your child pay attention?" the wise man asked, and the father replied, "because he has Autistic Spectrum Disorder."

The wise man said, "Once, there was an obese husband and wife. The doctor told them that it was because they were Canadian, and they should start taking courses on how to be European."

"The couple thought a second opinion was in order, so they visited a naturopath, who told them tthat there is high prevalence of Tim Hortons donut shops in Canada, and Canadians are far more likely to visit these fast food places several times a week. The key to not being fat was to stop using the the Tim Hortons drive-thru every morning. 

"Soon, the couple started brewing their own coffee, eating breakfast at home, and drove to work without stopping at a fast food outlet again. They began to lose weight.

"But they were still Canadian."

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