Dora was never Ben's muse

Natalie loved to watch Dora when she was younger. 
My son  never had much time for Dora, when he was younger. He'd watch it if there was nothing else on, but I don't think he held her in much regard. The only parts he ever liked to watch were when Swiper the Fox tried to steal something. Then, at least, there was drama. 
Although, he sometimes got in heated arguments with Natalie.
DORA: What was your favorite part?
NAT: The witchy forest!
BEN: That was yesterday's show, Natalie
NAT: No it wasn't!
BEN: It was so!
DORA: I liked that part, too!
NAT: See?
BEN: (tears of frustration welling) NO SHE DIDN'T!
NAT: (hopping up and down - things just got fun)
Thankfully, they have both moved on from Dora the Explorer. It's true that Natalie would still watch it. But, these days, there are better options, so why go to the bother of loading a DVD? 
Not when Netflix is calling.
That's another set of problems, but you've got to pick your battles one at a time.

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